02 July 2007


Stopping by my father-in-law's house over the weekend he had pointed out that the grapes are about a month ahead of schedule this year and should be ready for snacking on in about two weeks. The vine itself, however, caught my attention more than the news of the shifting schedule for maturation - the wild trunk twisting and shifting its way up to the support bars suggesting the trunk itself has little strength and has been deformed by gravity over time. Many summer meals have been shared beneath the foliage, with dessert an arms length away. Driving back through the rolling hills just a few minutes away, the rigid lines of vines seen in the distance, being cultivated for local wine makers, offer a stark contrast to the vines themselves once seen up close.


Tina Vaziri said...

Very beautiful, love your quick sketch and painting style!

ksklein said...

wow. i wish i could be there too.

Ursula Shaw said...

Twisted vines. What a great idea!

cata said...

Bellissimo Sketch!
Ammiro molto la capacita di disegnare il momento, l'attimo il sentimento.
Questo รจ un vero dono!
I enjoy your blog!

stangy said...

you really captured the sense of weight bearing on a fragile, twisted trunk...beautifully done!

Tracy said...

Lovely! I like this piece a lot :)